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Hospital Bag Must Haves

Essentials for every pregnancy hospital bag checklist. HATCH's Hospital Bag Edit includes packing must-haves to support new moms before, during and after delivery. For options we love the HATCH-to-Hospital Box filled with an assortment of organic bamboo home and hospital essentials designed to take the guesswork out of preparing for the big day. Favorites include our Pointelle Nightgown, with so much give you don’t even need to unbutton the placket to nurse, Everyday Nursing Bra,and High Tuck Brief, an over-the-belly hold-you-in double layer at the front offers C-section coverage. For 24/7 support cue Hatch’s 24/7 Nursing Tank, built with a bra front strap adjuster for flexible nursing access and plush backing on the underside of elastic means it’s soft on your skin.

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Hospital Bag Bundles & Supplies

The last time you spent more than a day at a hospital might have been the day you were admitted for appendicitis in seventh grade. Back then, you couldn’t prepare for your stay; your appendix said jump, and you had to say, “How high?”

This time, you get to control...

The last time you spent more than a day at a hospital might have been the day you were admitted for appendicitis in seventh grade. Back then, you couldn’t prepare for your stay; your appendix said jump, and you had to say, “How high?”

This time, you get to control your stay, mama, and it’s going to be a good one.

You’ve been preparing to welcome your baby all year, and it’s almost time. After you’ve taken care of all the nursery prep and baby supplies, it’s a great idea to put some extra time into preparing yourself for the big day.

Take the opportunity to pack your hospital bag with more than just the essentials — your baby’s big arrival is definitely worth celebrating. Baby Time

As you gear up for your hospital stay, you might be running through a list of “what ifs” in your head about your birth experience that range from logical to Freak Out City, USA. We get it, mama, there’s a lot of anticipation! But you can’t predict the future; you can only prepare for it.

Here’s a general rundown of things you might experience and our best advice:

The C-Section Section

Some mommies opt to have elective C-Section births. Others opt to try for a vaginal birth.

Let’s review the stats on C-Sections:

First-time mothers typically have less than a 15% chance of a necessary Cesarean birth. On average, accounting for more data, the number is around 30%.

If you want to ease some of your stress, you might want to hire a doula to help coach you through your labor process in addition to your doctor.

Keep Pushing

Of course, anybody's labor will involve some level of pain. We know this ain’t a walk, waddle, or crawl through the park. There are medical options for pain relief, like medication or, in some cases, an epidural.

But you can also anticipate the pain and try to ready your body to handle it better with gentle exercises, like prenatal yoga. If downward dog isn’t your thing, you can learn some equally beneficial breathing and movement techniques at a local birthing class.

Labor of Love

Labor, unlike breakfast on a Tuesday morning before your first meeting, cannot be rushed. Your body has its own natural rhythm and process, from PMS and pregnancy to labor and birth. It’s possible for labor to last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Don’t worry, though, mama, active labor where contractions are a little more powerful commonly lasts between four and eight hours.

Bundle of Joy

No, we’re not talking about your baby–who is most certainly a bundle of joy. But your hospital bag should also be a bundle of joy. Take it from Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo — your personal items should spark joy. Especially what you have with you on one of the biggest days of your life.

Having the right supplies packed up for your baby’s birth will help ease any external stress and allow you to focus on getting that sucker out and into your arms. Make sure you have the best clothes and supplies to feel comfortable and prepared.

With one less thing to worry about, you just might scream a little less when your partner loosens their grip on your hand! Or not — don’t they get you’re in pain?!

The Necessities

Here are a few things we think you’ll really love to have on your special day:

Cozies Only, Please

Our number one recommendation for your hospital bag is something extremely comfy and loose-fitting to wear. A hospital gown just simply does not cut it. What’s the thread count in those things, anyway? Two?

Our favorite alternative to hospital garments is the Organic Pointelle Nightgown. It’s loose, made of extra soft and stretchy cotton, and leaves room for movement–even labor. Not only that, but it’s pretty darn cute in that classic nightgown charm. Think: Ebeneezer Scrooge if he actually had a therapist.

Under Pressure

We know you’re under pressure, mama, but sometimes the pressure is good (looking at you, diamonds). We’re big fans of pressure when it comes to compression socks.

Even when you’re lying in bed and anticipating your baby, swelling can be uncomfortable. Sprinkle as much ease and comfort as you can and keep your feet comfortable.

All in One, Please

You can also make things much easier for future you by opting for a premade, thoughtful hospital bag bundle to transition back home. We know what it’s like when that water breaks: It’s a beeline for that hospital. Not a lot of time to think ahead.

Our favorite bundle to go home with your newest family member is Hatch’s Hospital Departure Bundle. It includes a comfy loungewear set, the Skin to Skin Bra, and Nipple + Lip balm for your postpartum skin.

We Are Family

You did it, mama! You’re almost done, and your baby is almost here. Grab that fully equipped hospital bag and bring them home, at last. By the way, you look good.

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