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HATCH’s maternity bodycon dresses are a must-have that feature superior stretch and make styling every stage of pregnancy look classic and effortless. No tight compression, just feel-good super-soft support. The Ultra Soft Before, During And After Legging is a 24/7 essential that rises way up over belly and rolls down to wherever you feel most comfortable thanks to a special non-elastic waistband. The Nearly Skinny Maternity Jean is built from high-density stretch denim fit with a subtle color-matched elastic wedge at the waistband for day-to-night flexibility at any stage.

Looking for a Bundle? The HATCH Layers Set is made from the softest fabric and packaged together to form the most essential wardrobe foundations. The Black Legging Layer, Black T-Shirt Dress Layer, White Longsleeve Layer, and White Tank Layer all fit snug around the body with plenty of room to grow.

Maternity Bodycon Dresses | HATCH Collection

The best way to celebrate your new pregnancy is definitely to go on a babymoon. Get out of town, mama (literally). Dip in a pool! Relax at the spa. Make the world your oyster because it is.

The next best way to celebrate your new pregnancy? Well, if you...

The best way to celebrate your new pregnancy is definitely to go on a babymoon. Get out of town, mama (literally). Dip in a pool! Relax at the spa. Make the world your oyster because it is.

The next best way to celebrate your new pregnancy? Well, if you ask us, it’s with a maternity bodycon dress. In fact, you can strut that new dress to your dinner reservation on your vacation or to your favorite restaurant in your town.

It’s no secret that a baby bump is an indicator of pregnancy. Why not pay it the respect it deserves by adorning it to show it off? Painting your bump is adorable and fun, and we’ve decided bodycon dresses are a far less messy option.

If you’d rather skip the arts and crafts and stick to feeling confident, celebrated, and sexy, take a peek at our favorite maternity bodycon dresses.

Confidence Is Everything

As much as you might want to be all smiles and Insta-mom-inspo, it’s super easy for the unfamiliar physical changes of pregnancy to challenge you. Not every new mama feels completely empowered right off the bat, but dressing in clothes we love can give us that little support we need.

There are plenty of ways to realign with your new and changing body. Here are a few things you can try before stress-buying everything in your online shopping cart:

  • Reframe your mindset to encompass the actual miracle your body is performing. Because not only is your body changing, but so is your life. Focus on all the wonderful ways motherhood will enhance your life.
  • Create a positive relationship with your body through physical movement that brings you joy, whether you start up that pilates class with your friend who’s been begging you for years or dance in your room at home.
  • Connect with your support system. Or build a new support system! They say it takes a village to raise a baby, so start building one up now. There’s nothing like a sweet little vent session with a few other pregnant or recently pregnant besties.

Clothes Are Something

Not everything… we already covered that. But boy, are they something. Something transformative, personal, and evolving. Clothing and fashion are incredible tools of expression and celebration.

Feeling good in your clothes can enhance how you feel in your body, so it’s a good idea to invest in the right pieces. We love maternity bodycon dresses for their playfulness and celebration of that precious baby bump.

If you want to level up your confidence and show off your incredible new baby (they’re just hiding!), check out some of these maternity bodycon dresses:

Keep It Classic

Our first suggestion is our go-to basic. You know, your next closet staple. You can throw a t-shirt style, neutral black bodycon to work, class, or en route to your much-deserved decaf latte. Extra lavender syrup, please.

The Eliza Dress from Hatch gets the job done in terms of versatility, style, and comfort. You can’t go wrong with that little black dress. Dress it up with heels for your very important (very redundant) meeting, or dress it down with sneakers for a casual date night.

Be Playful

If you’re feeling a little more playful, it doesn’t take a lot to change up your style. All it takes is a shift in the smallest detail. If you want something that feels lighter and brighter, ditch the sleeves and try the Hatch Body Tank Dress.

This dress specifically features a square scoop neck and even a built-in bra for an instantly functional one-and-done outfit. If you’re feeling more dynamic, layer a t-shirt underneath.

Make a Statement

Texture is the best way to make a statement with your outfit. A dress that has ruching, ruffles, or stitching is the perfect way to elevate your look. Add a pattern, and you’re really standing out. You might even feel like striking a pose.

The Hatch Cosette Dress lives in perfect texture and color harmony. The florals give the dress an extra hint of whimsy and elegance. Wear this to throw a fancy tea party and make everybody speak in British accents. We know you want to.

Keep It Hot When You’re Feeling Cold

We had to include this lovely Skylar dress from Hatch as an alternative to the closet staple we mentioned first. Opt for longer sleeves and a ribbed jersey texture to either elevate your classic vibe or just keep a little warmer in the colder months.

We’re also obsessed with the turtleneck detail on the bodycon dress; it softens the look and gives it a more grounded, glass-of-not-wine energy. Sparkling apple juice looks like champagne, and you’ll look like a real classy mama.


Give yourself a little extra lovin’ and build your confidence with some moving, some grooving, and some outfits that scream: I’m a cool mom. Seriously though, mama, you’re already glowing. Slide into a maternity bodycon dress to shine a little extra.

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