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4th Trimester & Post Pregnancy Clothing

A collection of fourth trimester pieces with functional details in luxe feel-good fabrics, like bras that actually make sense with genius why-didn't they-think-of-this-before details for hands-free pumping + easy nursing, guest-friendly loungewear ie: crazy luxe french terry numbers all designed with feeding in mind, seamless and smoothing underwear in a variety of shapes and silhouettes, pretty (and nursing-friendly) pointelle pieces in loose-fitting, softer-than-soft cotton, plus a curated selection of nursing-friendly dresses + tops that’ll get back to your every day routine whenever you’re ready.

Postpartum Clothes | HATCH Collection

If you’re preparing for the baby to arrive, one thing you need to include on your list is new clothes for the new mom as well. You’ve already got onesies, baby pajamas, stacks of diapers — even books for your baby. But that checklist isn’t yet complete: you also need...

If you’re preparing for the baby to arrive, one thing you need to include on your list is new clothes for the new mom as well. You’ve already got onesies, baby pajamas, stacks of diapers — even books for your baby. But that checklist isn’t yet complete: you also need the right clothes for your role as a new mom.

Your new-mom wardrobe calls for comfort, support, and versatility. You’ll want clothes that you can be cozy in around the house and are also cute for when you want to show baby around.

The following recommendations have you covered day and night, as a mom’s work is around the clock.

Robe For Lounging

Something curious about the initial days after welcoming your baby into the world is that moms need rest and recovery, but there’s a lot going on and a lot to be done.

Now, you’re going to be consistently exhausted for a considerable amount of time. That’s part of parenting territory. However, lounging remains an activity to be encouraged.

For an optimal lounging experience, you can put on The Nesting Robe. It’s meant precisely for lounging. It’s an in and around-the-house masterpiece, created from the softest luxe French terry.

It’s the fanciest version of the most chill thing you could possibly wear. Just throw it on whenever mama needs a rest, and you’re basically there already.

The Ultimate Postpartum Pajamas

Another paradox for new moms is the importance of sleep and the rarity it seems to be. Those first nights with baby in the house are going to be particularly special, challenging, and most likely an all-around blur. And it may go on for a while.

Considering the commodity of sleep and its importance to your vitality as a mom with a newborn, you need to do everything you can to get the best possible sleep every chance you get!

That’s why Hatch has put together the New Mama Sleep Bundle. It’s a classy set of navy pajamas with white piping accentuating the pants and top. It comes with matching underwear. The perfect fabric offers extra rest and rejuvenation and just keeps you totally cozy.

The Over/Under Lounge Pant

These are the ultimate pants for both before and after your due date. The Over/Under Lounge Pant is super soft and stretchy, allowing you to wear them over or under your baby bump (as the name might suggest). The fabric won’t rub or irritate your skin and is incredibly kind to C-section scars. Relaxed and lounging on the love seat or tucked in and supported for an afternoon on the town, these pants fit every occasion. Rep them while the bun is in the oven and after your little biscuit arrives.

The Everyday Nursing Bra

A well-fitting and supportive bra is one of the most crucial items in a new mom’s clothing rotation. Your breasts are dealing with a lot right now, and they need to be taken care of. If you’re nursing, this is especially true considering that they are your baby’s every meal!

Breasts change during and after pregnancy, which you’ve probably experienced firsthand by now. They may be larger, more tender, and heavier as they start to prepare milk for your screaming baby/restaurant patron.

That’s why Hatch has created the Everyday Nursing Bra. It comes in seven different colorways and adds a kind extra layer of support and convenience throughout your everyday routine as a postpartum mom.

Onesie for Mom

Yes, baby has a ton of them already, but you’re going to want to get a onesie for yourself too. Not only will it be the coziest and cutest thing you could possibly put on (especially if your baby is wearing one in a matching color), but it also happens to be a current fashion trend. The onesie is built for all your duties as a postpartum mom.

Pockets for pacifiers and spit-up rags, easy to style, and ready for another amazing day with your new baby, the Nurse-To-Errands Onesie is the super-suit for moms.

Postpartum Clothing You Love

You’ve been looking forward to meeting your baby for months upon months. The anticipation is building up, your body may be doing things it’s never done before, and a wave of wonderful changes is coming your way.

Knowing this, it’s best to be prepared (and nice to know you have a luxurious pajama set waiting for you). Along with your postpartum checkup, make sure you have your postpartum wardrobe ready so that everything is set to go for when your baby finally arrives.

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