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Pregnancy Belly Oils

Cult-favorite status. HATCH's best-selling pregnancy-safe Belly Oil, gently nourishes skin and smooths pregnancy stretch marks with calming botanicals that work hard to intensely hydrate during and after pregnancy. The plant-based magic inside HATCH's skin care formula features Calendula, renowned for healing properties, Sweet Almond Oil, packed with regenerative vitamin E, and anti-oxidant rich Grapefruit Peel. Bonus points: quick-dry finish leaves you clothing-ready.

Pair with the original Belly Mask.

Looking for a gift? Hatch's Belly Besties includes three best-sellers in one kit. Belly-centric favorites include Belly Masks, soothing Belly Oil, and a sheet of fun (and non-toxic) Belly Tattoos.

Belly Oils

As your body changes during pregnancy, you may have a slight fixation on your belly. You’re in good company; a lot of expecting mothers do! Your growing stomach is also a reminder of the miracle you’re making, but we know that may not be your 24/7 view of the bump.


As your body changes during pregnancy, you may have a slight fixation on your belly. You’re in good company; a lot of expecting mothers do! Your growing stomach is also a reminder of the miracle you’re making, but we know that may not be your 24/7 view of the bump.

And that’s okay.

When we deal with bodily transitions, whether it be in clothing size, weight, or swelling, it is totally normal to have some hesitation and confusion. Even when the change is expected, like in the case of pregnancy, some women still struggle with body image. One of the most common complaints is that of stretch marks, the little lines that show up as you progress in trimesters.

Here’s a reminder that stretch marks are natural and beautiful regardless of if you’re pregnant or not. In fact, 90% of human beings develop stretch marks during their lifetime. However, we understand that sometimes you might just want them gone.

Here is our guide to stretch marks, skin changes, stomach shifts, and how to treat the lines at their root.

Skin Situation

When you realize that your skin is one big organ, your perspective on stretch marks and changes in pigmentation might adjust to one that is a little kinder. Your skin protects you from everyday irritants, from disease and bacteria, and the elements. It also demands upkeep to do its job properly and be in its best state possible.

One of the main ways that stretch marks appear is when your skin expands or contracts in a major way during a short period of time. This occurs when you lose or gain weight quickly. Since most women gain around 30 pounds during their nine-month pregnancy, often resulting in stretch marks.

Alternatively, excess skin can droop off the body in the stomach region after giving birth. You may lose elasticity in your skin during pregnancy because you are given a boost in cortisone. This may affect your skin’s natural ability to bounce back into shape.

The Solution

There are many ways to gradually gain back skin elasticity and even make your pre-existing stretch marks blend in so that they are unrecognizable.

Let’s talk about pregnancy belly self-care.

At-Home Remedies

If you’re on the hunt for a nearby solution, peek into your cabinets and try to find some almond butter or cocoa butter. Along with olive oil and vitamin E, these ingredients work very well to address the appearance of stretch marks.

Dermatologist Recommended If your stretch marks are incredibly itchy and depressed, or if they don’t start to disappear six months postpartum, it may be time to see a professional. Dermatologists have access to high-tech procedures like chemical peels, laser therapy, and radiofrequency. As you can imagine, we recommend these lengths be taken only after you’ve given birth.

Hidden Talents Another trick we like to follow is the self-tanner method. If you don’t have access to treatments, self-tanner camouflages your stretch marks by darkening the surrounding skin and blending them in. This also may be helpful if you experience a dark line down your belly, which may linger after you give birth.

Our Solution

We recommend the use of belly oil, not just because we believe ourselves to be masters of the product here at Hatch, but because we love the benefits. Belly oil is gentle on the skin, safe for your baby to use during pregnancy, and super easy to apply.

It can be incorporated into any morning or nighttime routine, and it also gives you a moment’s peace to relax and savor your bump while minimizing stretch marks. Count us in.

Bundles and Products Our Belly Oil not only targets a reduction in stretch marks but can also help with scarring. It is brewed with calendula for soothing itchiness or rashes, sweet almond oil with Vitamin E for hydration and moisturization, and antioxidant grapefruit oil for a lovely smell. Not only can this oil be used on your belly, but feel free to massage it anywhere with indentations; this can include your breasts, thighs, and arms!

Combine our oil with your favorite Belly Mask and Belly Tattoos for a pregnancy self-care party! Our Belly Besties pack comes with four sheet masks for your stomach to help combat stretch marks as well. Our tattoos are non-toxic.

That’s not enough? Check out our Mama Must-Haves Kit for a Belly Oil, Down, Girl cream for swollen feet, and Nipple + Lip balm for chapped or dry nipples pre or post breastfeeding.

A Badge of Honor Not everyone might be exactly overjoyed to see stretch marks. As we witness our changing bodies, we want to keep in mind how totally badass they are. With a little practice, there are easy ways to bump up your self-care routine and make every day glow.

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