Croissant FAQ
Get a return on your Mom-vestment. Buy now, resale later. Welcome to the circular Mom-conomy, Powered by Croissant.
How It Works

Get a guaranteed future
resale price at checkout.


Croissant handles the resale
process for you, end-to-end.


Get your Guaranteed Buyback™
value in cash, within 3-5 days of
Croissant receiving the item.

Croissant Pink Logo Mark     no fees, free shipping, and no obligation to sell your item ever.
What is Croissant?

Croissant offers guaranteed buybacks on purchases within one year of the purchase date. Simply toggle the Croissant feature at checkout (don’t worry, it's free!) and Croissant will buy your lightly used item back from you at a set price.

Don’t want to sell the item? No worries, this is simply an option for you to resell your HATCH pieces later at a lower value if you want it.

If you opt in at checkout, you'll receive an email from Croissant once you place your order that includes instructions on how to send back your item when (and if!) you want to.

If you decide to sell your item, you can simply send it to Croissant in gently used condition. They will pay you within 5-7 business days of receiving the item at their warehouse. They will handle the entire sale process for your item so you can get new funds to power your next purchase. Did someone say more $$$ for future HATCH purchases?!

How does Croissant Work?

Croissant will provide you with a guaranteed buy back cost on the product page and at checkout. If you’d like to sell the item, you can initiate the trade-in process in the Croissant app. You can then ship the item to the Croissant warehouse and they will verify that the item is in a sellable condition.

Once this is confirmed, you’ll receive a payment directly from Croissant. Croissant then partners with second hand websites to sell your item.

How Long Do I Have To Trade My Item In?

You have up to one year to enjoy your HATCH items before you can decide if you want to trade them in. Please note, the items must be in a very good condition to be eligible for trade-in through Croissant.

What Items Can Be Traded In?

Croissant accepts items that are in gently used condition. In order to qualify for trade-in, your item should have:

  • No stains, discoloration, or fading.
  • No pilling or fabric pulls.
  • No alterations or repairs.
  • No significant stretching or deformation.
  • No odors such as smoke, sweat, or pet smells.

As long as the Croissant guarantee was added at checkout and your items are in good condition, you can initiate the trade in process directly through the Croissant App. Please note, all trade-ins are handled by Croissant, and they are the sole decider of the item's condition.

What Happens After My Guarantee Expires?

The Croissant Guaranteed Buyback™ expires 12 months after the purchase date for items in gently used condition (no visible damage and no alterations). After the Guaranteed Buyback™ expires, your item might still have an offer of a lower value than what was originally offered at checkout. If you still want to sell your item, you will receive the value listed in your Croissant Collection at that time.

What Happens After I Send My Items To Croissant?

When you sell an item with a Guaranteed Buyback™, you will be compensated within 5-7 days of their warehouse receiving your item, after they verify it is in gently used condition.

If your item isn’t accepted by Croissant, they will reach out to you and you can decide if they should ship this back to you or donate the item.

Questions on the status of your Croissant trade in? You can email their support team at!