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HATCH nursingwear essentials = breast-feeding clothing staples that offer instant, easy feeding. Whether you're on-the-go and nursing with babe or need to pump hands-free in an office conference room. We offer an array of easy nursing clothes; from cotton nursing dresses, nursing sweatshirts, nursing tops or our best-selling hands-free pumping bra, so you can keep it cute during your fourth trimester.

Nursing Essentials | Dresses & Tops | HATCH Collection

If you have made it to the nursing stage, congratulations! You’ve gone the long nine months, and your bun in the oven is now out and about, a beautiful new addition to our world.

Whether you’re nursing for the first time or you’ve been around the block before, everyone...

If you have made it to the nursing stage, congratulations! You’ve gone the long nine months, and your bun in the oven is now out and about, a beautiful new addition to our world.

Whether you’re nursing for the first time or you’ve been around the block before, everyone needs the essentials.

Here are the best nursing dresses and tops to help the cause:

Milk Management: The Best Nursing Bras

A good nursing bra will make a huge difference in your breastfeeding game. Not only will you get the support you need for your breasts that are practically bursting with lactate, but it’ll also make for quick, easy, and discreet feeding times for the little nugget.

And, as a bonus that’s almost too good to be true, the right nursing bra should also feel comfortable and cute.

The Everyday Nursing Bra is the fav choice for many because it just works. It’s soft and wire-free, so you can bid adieu to digging and pinching. You can also adjust it easily to find the perfect fit and feel, regardless of how your body might change. It has a one-handed clasp so that you can hold the baby with one arm while you manage your bra with your other.

Hatch also offers the Essential Pumping & Nursing Bra for moms who plan on bottle feeding with their breastfeeding (or any combo). It comes in a soft and stretchy modal blend that hugs your body and accommodates growth and change. For pumping and feeding, it features hidden slits for discreet ease of access.

Lovely Nursing Dresses for Every Occasion

Dresses are a favorite for nursing moms. These garments make it super easy to feed, they’re simple to style, and they look and feel good all day, every day. We’re not talking about a grandiose wedding dress or a mini bodycon dress; these are the dresses that only offer support minus all the hassle. The nursing dresses from Hatch give you a new perspective on the comfort and functionality you can get from a dress and provide an unmistakable luxury feel that is impossible not to love.

Take The Jenna Dress, for example. A Hatch best-seller, and for a good reason — just look at it, a decadent linen/Tencel dress with a button vent and stonewash finish. And ruffles!

Not only does it look and feel amazing, but it also helps you perform all the mom duties. You can wear it for walks pushing the stroller or on your first date night post-delivery.

To get an idea of the wide range of nursing dresses, take a look at the Short Secret Nursing Dress. It’s a sweet and simple summertime dress made from lightweight and breathable French viscose. It’s got a dainty floral print and elastic cuffs. Last but not least, this summertime favorite has slits in the just that close shut with hidden snaps.

No more going up and over/under and around/any other way when trying to feed your baby — you just go straight through. Easy peasy, now hopefully Baby will go down for a nap so momma can chill for a sec.

Cool and Casual Nursing Clothes

As great as nursing dresses are, and although you may feel like wearing them all the time, you also have to have some casual clothes. Who doesn’t love wearing cozy and functional premium basics?

The thing about these chill threads is that they are, of course, made with nursing in mind. It’s exactly what every nursing mother needs regarding style and functionality. That’s what you’re all about: getting stuff done and making it look good.

This basic t-shirt isn’t so basic after all. It features a second layer that pulls up and allows Baby to get in there to feed under a little private tent in your shirt.

This Nursing Henley is a luxurious, nursing-oriented version of a classic staple.

You’ll definitely want a sweatshirt that’s nursing friendly as well. That way, you can fully enjoy a chill day lounging with the little one or have something cute and cozy to throw on for running errands.

And for the perfect match to all the tops mentioned, go for The Over-Under Maternity Lounge Pant. You can wear it over or under, you guessed it, your baby bump.

Onesies, Jumpsuits, and Bodysuits: Oh My!

Onesies aren’t just for the baby. With the options in the Hatch collection, you both can wear one. Is that not the cutest thing ever?

You really do have options. The good news is, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Choose The Maternity to Errands Onesie, The 24/7 Feeding Jumpsuit, or The Softest Rib Knit Bodysuit. Those aren’t even all of them; we just wouldn’t want you to get overwhelmed with so many fantastic options.

New Clothes For New Mom

There are a lot of new things that you need once the baby arrives. But that doesn’t mean that mom can’t shop for some amazing new clothes she will love. Remember, the baby needs you to have clothing too.

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