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4th Trimester Nursing Clothing

HATCH's Fourth Trimester Ready To Wear collection includes comfortable easy to wear post pregnancy maternity clothing perfect for new moms. Must-have nursing dresses like the the Easy Going Nursing Tee Dress feel effortless, super soft, and discreetly open up for easy-access feeds. Our nursing tops like the Luxe Nursing Tee provides everything you want in a favorite tee and leaves you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Pair with Hatch's must-have Maternity Intimates + Nursing Bras.

Looking for more options? Browse Accessories, After Baby and Fourth Trimester Essentials.

Post Maternity Clothes | HATCH Collection

Congrats, you made it! You successfully delivered a baby. There’s a good chance you may never do anything so arduous again (except for dealing with your kid as a teenager), so major props. You’re a superhero riding that wave into the new cool mom era of your life.

Now that...

Congrats, you made it! You successfully delivered a baby. There’s a good chance you may never do anything so arduous again (except for dealing with your kid as a teenager), so major props. You’re a superhero riding that wave into the new cool mom era of your life.

Now that you've gotten over the most painful part of having a baby, you're probably looking to restyle your wardrobe. You don't need to stick to your pregnancy clothes (although you definitely can).

Now, you get to invest in post-maternity wear. And ball out. Why not? You brought a new life into the world so let’s breathe some new life into that closet.

You have a ton of options available to you online. You'll discover a great selection of summer styles for the warmer months ahead. As you celebrate and finally have that long-awaited cocktail by the pool, here's a rundown of all the maternity post-maternity styles that make sense for this exciting, new chapter in your life.

Nursing Sets

The next few months of your life might include time spent nursing your newborn child. Breastfeeding and pumping are part art, part science, and something that might need a little bit of practice. You’ll want clothes that make the routine of nursing and pumping convenient.

Breastfeeding mamas will love the Everyday Nursing Bra that is there for you every day and every night because that’s how this bra girl bosses.

That’s why we call on The Essential Pumping & Nursing Bra to support us just like our BFFs do during movie night. The Essential Pumping Bra is hands-free. If you’ve called out, “I wish I had an extra set of hands,” consider your wish granted from the fairy godmother of fourth-trimester-based wishes.

Your clothes should help make the process of feeding easy. And easy access nursing pieces, which include garments like dresses and jumpsuits, offer plenty of space to feed.


As you slip back into a routine after birth, you’ll need plenty of comfortable loungewear to snuggle up with your new baby. 100% cotton jumpsuits offer relaxation that is on par with napping on the white sandy shores of your fav vaca destination.

Wearing an easy-access jumpsuit will leave you feeling like you are barely wearing anything at all (in the best way). Chic and comfy post-maternity dresses are great ways to stay constantly cozy but still look flawless when the delivery person from the corner deli brings you your favorite snacks again (and again).

Ready To Wear

Most post-maternity wear resembles regular clothes you’d buy at your favorite clothing brand stores. And that is exactly what you want. You’re probably itching to get back to a more routine style of dressing and styling.

Well, are you ready for the answer? Here it is: Ready-to-wear styles have a selection of simple pieces that will adapt to your adventures after giving birth:

Heading to brunch with your baby, besties, and overflowing diaper bag? Sounds like a job for a flowy maxi dress.

Heading to a work function but need to sneak out to pump or breastfeed? The Early Days Nursing Sweatshirt is perfect for those early mornings (and late nights).

Wellness That We Love

There’s a saying that you can’t pull water from an empty well and that you can’t burn a candle from both ends. We’re not exactly sure who would literally try those things, but we’re guessing it would be mamas who push harder than anyone else and never take “No, girlie” for an answer.

We all know that the perfect ensemble can help put that little spring in our step, but there’s more under the surface of that oh-so-cute cardigan (besides your favorite bra).

That’s why we are obsessed with our wellness goodies. From Spa Day Kits to Undergarment Boxes, there’s something out there to rejuvenate, relax, refresh, and more alliterative verbs probably.

Style Posthaste: The Post Maternity Collection

You’ve done something miraculous, and you should take some time to really enjoy the next few months of motherhood. Spend as much time with your little one (they’ll be grown sooner than you’d like).

And while spending time indoors with them, throw on some easy and comfortable post-maternity wear that will give you and the baby all the cozy feels. Maternity wear is more accessible and stylish than ever because mamas work hard… their wardrobes should work even harder.

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