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Maternity Knitwear

Cozy up to HATCH's comfy maternity Knitwear. Featuring everyday versatile silhouettes, our best pregnancy sweaters cover every belly and include favorites like roomy cardigans and classic maternity turtleneck sweaters. Cashmere joggers and sleek dresses provide just enough warmth and look effortlessly cool. Perfect for travel, morning coffee runs or even a chic evening out, our knitwear is as versatile as the mama who wears it. Style your favorite maternity knitwear with a pair of our luxe bottoms or maternity jeans.

Nursing Sweaters & Other Knitwear

When we say that you’re a hot mama, we mean it — literally and figuratively.

When regulating your inner temp when you’re preggo, nursing sweaters come in handy. Plus, knitwear is pretty damn cute any time of year.

Moms-to-be sometimes stray away from knit outfits due to styling struggles and...

When we say that you’re a hot mama, we mean it — literally and figuratively.

When regulating your inner temp when you’re preggo, nursing sweaters come in handy. Plus, knitwear is pretty damn cute any time of year.

Moms-to-be sometimes stray away from knit outfits due to styling struggles and nursing woes. We’re changing the game and making knitwear a simple, stylish, and super functional staple for all you pregnant ladies out there.

Sweaters = ultimate comfort; that means that they should fit everybodys’ body, including when you’re nursing or boasting a bump.

There’s no better time to get extra comfy in extra cozy socks than when you’re prepping for motherhood. We’ve got all the cozy knitwear you need during pregnancy and long after your due date.

Bundle Up with Your Bundle of Joy

We’re always big advocates for getting cozy and cuddling up on the couch. You need your rest (and your reward), girl! That’s especially true after your baby arrives. Who knows how many hours of sleep you’ll be getting after that? Comfort is the key to your success as a mom, so keep your sweater game strong.

Soft, soothing, stylish, and truly a whole vibe, sweaters are truly the MVPs of a woman’s wardrobe — truly evergreen trends. Let's discuss new arrivals (yes, your baby and your closet).

100% High-Quality, 110% Cuddly

We’re all about high-quality around here because you deserve the best. That’s why we make our designs with only the finest fabrics out there.

Our Cotton Marlow Maternity Cardigan is the perfect slouchy companion before or after feedings. It can easily be layered over a nursing bra or an easily-accessible shirt for feedings.

This cardigan is a cardiCAN: complete versatility. This classic silhouette looks just as lovely with a maxi dress on a dinner date as it does with your sneakers and leggings at the grocery store.

The best part? This gorg cardigan is 100% cotton. It also comes with super convenient pockets in the front for all the things you’ll need at a moment's notice. We’re talking pacifiers, bottles, or even the TV remote — because, let’s face it, you’ll probably have a lot of Netflix to catch up on after you put your newborn to bed.

Skin-to-Skin in Style

Some moms might find it helpful to invest in some nursing garments. Layered, comfy, stylish clothes are the ultimate helping hand for mothers who choose to breastfeed.

When you wear knitwear, particularly cardigans, you can easily cover unpredictable milk leakage and save yourself some cleanup time. At the grocery store and couldn’t find your nipple pads that morning? Throw a light sweater over your t-shirt and keep on going.

Newborns love and crave skin-to-skin contact with their mamas. Whether or not you are nursing, your baby will still benefit from clothing designed for breastfeeding. Nursing garments can help all moms lay a cranky baby down for some soothing cuddles.

Skin-to-skin contact is soothing and can help regulate fussy babies and improve their overall health. This contact, also called “kangaroo care,” regulates a baby’s body temperature (which leads to weight gain) and strengthens their immune system. We love a good reason to get all those baby snuggles we can.

Keep it Chic

Scarves, cardigans, wraps, and shawls are some of your best bets for nursing knitwear.

No doubt: Your pre-pregnancy knitwear was beyond stylish, but if they don’t have a front flap or buttons, they might be hard to feed or pump in. Opt for outer garments that you can slip off whenever you need to switch from professional boss mode into nursing mama mode.

Non-maternity brands may sell a chunky, oversized long sleeve sweater that looks amazing – but hinders your mommy activities. You’ll need long-lasting, transitional pieces you can carry from pregnancy to beyond. No stress.

Flexibility Counts

It’s time to talk about our fave robe. Ok, ok, it might not be classified as a cardigan, but it’s damn near close, and it provides that easy access you’re looking for.

Our Cashmere Robe is made of 100% cashmere and can be wrapped around your body in the delicate days (or months or years) after birth.

It is as loose as they come but can be adjusted to fit tighter with a belt if you’re exceptionally cold or want to be a bit more modest around all of the family and friends rushing to get their first peek of your new best friend.

Better yet, try our Airplane Maternity Cardigan. Did someone say bucket pockets?

Warm Warrior

Keep yourself snug with your bug in our quintessential knitwear. Let your style shine, you boss mama, you! Toss aside the traditional and pair practicality with personality. Casual dresses, boyfriend jeans, and sleek pants are on your stylish maternity clothes checklist that carries you into your postpartum period.

From your first to fourth trimesters, you can attend your baby shower, head to your BFF's wedding, and just freaking chill in style.

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