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Fourth Trimester Essential Clothing

HATCH's Fourth Trimester Essentials include the best clothing, mom-safe self care and must-have wellness products for life after a new arrival. Ease back into routine with flexible maternity clothing like our crisp Classic Buttondown. Simplify getting dressed with effortless pieces like the Ultra Soft Before, During And After Legging. For an everyday dose of luxury, the Cashmere Jogger and Airplane Cardigan. HATCH's Fourth Trimester Beauty made with postpartum mamas in mind includes Nipple + Lip, lanolin-free and pocket-size for unwanted chafing and dryness and at home or on-the-go.

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4th Trimester Clothing

What’s the fourth trimester, anyway?

The term “4th trimester” isn’t widely discussed, but it’s definitely a real thing. While some people may think that the pregnancy journey ends with birth, the story is really just beginning. Welcome to a wild — but incredible — ride.

This period of your life...

What’s the fourth trimester, anyway?

The term “4th trimester” isn’t widely discussed, but it’s definitely a real thing. While some people may think that the pregnancy journey ends with birth, the story is really just beginning. Welcome to a wild — but incredible — ride.

This period of your life is about recovering from the birth experience, resting and focusing on the developing bond between you and babe.As easy as it sounds, developing a daily routine during this time can be challenging because life as a mom is insane.

So if you’re feeling the crazy during the 4th trimester, which we all do, getting dressed might seem like the last thing you need to think about. We got you. Let’s talk easy ways to get dressed during the 4th trimester and how HATCH can help

Remember Fashion?

For some of us, fashion is a big deal. It can be a way to express yourself and share your vibe with others. You might religiously keep up with the latest trends and share them with friends.

Sometimes, pregnancy can cloud this passion. Here at Hatch Collection, we say resist the urge to put your own playful side on the backburner. We are all about style fused with comfort, which never needs to be sacrificed during pregnancy and beyond.

Postpartum can be difficult for new mamas, and keeping a small hobby for yourself — whether it be creating a special outfit for each day or investing in some core pieces that boost your confidence — preserves that preggo glow long past meeting your baby.

The Timeline Let’s get technical for a second. The 4th trimester is defined as the period after birth until your baby is roughly three months old. There are numerous stages during this period, and you will likely tend to focus on skin-to-skin contact and swaddling. Lean on maternity accessories and built-in swaddle shirts for those needs.

These comfy articles of clothing are your new BFFs:

Hospital Departure Immediately after giving birth, you might not be feeling like your best self, but remember even as your boobs are leaking and you can barely stand up to shower, you are a warrior. You’ve got a lot to plan and think about moving into this phase, hence our Hatch Hospital Departure Bundle contains everything you’ll need for these few days.

Our Visitor Top allows easy access for nursing and wearability. The Over/Under Easy Pant is perfect to softly cover what remains of your bump or roll down under a C-Section line. Most importantly, our Skin to Skin Bra and Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm are your new feeding besties and can be carried with you as you transition to life with a baby at home.

Prepare to get some much-needed comfort after pushing harder than you’ve ever pushed in your life. You deserve to be pampered!

Be Gentle Your body has just gone through a lot.Giving birth, however you do it, , is super badass, and you need the clothing that recognizes the journey and honors it..

Go easy on yourself when you’re building a fourth trimester wardrobe. You might deal with some residual bleeding or pain for a while after delivery, so it’s often best to avoid restrictive clothes for the moment. Nothing sucks more than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes while you’re dealing with post-pregnancy aches and pains.

Our Hatch New Mama Sleep Bundle also contains our Skin to Skin Bra and our High Tuck Brief, which hide any leftover belly or C-Section scarring. It also protects against bumping that area and causing injury. We’ve added our Classic Jersey PJ Set for a luxurious silky and spandex feel and stretchy waistband for some extra comfort.

Sleep is integral to those first few months of life for your baby. Your baby will likely need numerous feedings throughout the night or just wanna cry; who can’t relate to that? In those moments, offer a little love and a lullaby to you and your baby.

Life As Usual Just remember, after the 4th trimesterlife will begin to take on a new kind of normal. You will likely incorporate work back into your routine and may even be called back to the office. But right now, getting out of the house to take your baby for a walk in their stroller or to admire nature can help keep your spirits high.

For those moments, check out our Maternity Nurse to Errands Onesie. With French terry pieces and pockets, you’ll be an on-the-go mama, ready to do it all.

We can’t wait to watch you flourish in one of the most rewarding jobs: motherhood. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, and you’ve got this! Hopefully, these pieces will help you out a little bit on the way.

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