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Maternity Accessories

A little detail goes a long way. Elevate everyday maternity looks with HATCH's best pregnancy Accessories for mom and baby. Our favorites include the Anti-Leakage Pad 3-Pack, use while nursing or as modesty shields during pregnancy, and the Chilote Mama Slipper, hand-crafted from renewable, natural materials. A darling mini version exists too. The Chilote Child Slipper is made from the same Patagonian wool and up-cycled salmon leather as Mama's and feel just as cozy, comfortable and durable for children one to three years of age.

Looking for a gift? Carefully curated bundles like the Hatch-To-Home Bag, Hatch-To-Hospital Box and 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle include every belly’s favorites in one place.

Pregnancy Must-Haves | Maternity Accessories

It is super easy to get caught up in baby shopping when you find out you’re pregnant. Who doesn’t love finding the perfect “just born” outfit and matching headpieces? We also can’t contain ourselves in the newborn section of any store, and we admit sometimes we go overboard in stocking...

It is super easy to get caught up in baby shopping when you find out you’re pregnant. Who doesn’t love finding the perfect “just born” outfit and matching headpieces? We also can’t contain ourselves in the newborn section of any store, and we admit sometimes we go overboard in stocking up on the future. But what about you, mama?

It’s more than ok; in fact, it’s encouraged self-service during this time, too. After all, your mind and your body are doing all the work, literally 24/7. That’s some serious overtime.

It’s time to share some R&R advice, plus all the maternity fashion tips.

Maternity accessories range in purpose and necessity, but they’re all great editions to your everyday life. Whether you’re settling in for a relaxing at-home spa day or adding some aid to a routine workout, we’ve got all the best tips and tricks for a smooth pregnancy.

Back to Basics

During your first checkup, after receiving those magic pink lines your doctor might share some prenatal vitamin recommendations. If you were actively trying for a baby, chances are you’d already been taking them. However, it is never too late to incorporate some essential nutrients into your day.

Try to find vitamins that supplement folic acid, calcium, and iron. Stock up on some antacids as well to combat heartburn from expected morning sickness. A little trick for nausea are lollipops, pretzels, and minimally-flavored crackers.

Keep a sleeve of your favorite crackers by your bed for those late-night cravings and to reduce any stomach issues when you wake up. Crumbs in your bed are a sign of honor for pregnant mamas.

Anti-nausea wrist bands are a hidden gem and super easy to use. For some women, motion sickness can extend past their first trimester, and these little bands can be your secret weapon. Just slap them on and go about your day, knowing you’re taking care of your belly inside and out.

And that you are rocking some major old-school athlete vibes that we love. Did someone say sporty compression socks?

Business as Usual

Continuing much of your regular routine can help you stay focused and rejuvenated during pregnancy.

Here are some ways to keep your spark bright and your spirits high:

Movement Motivates Keep that blood flow pumping with some safe and fun exercise. Unless you’re doing incredibly heavy weightlifting or contact sports, you should be able to continue your average workouts through all three trimesters.

So hikers, this is good news. Professional water slide testers? Maybe not so much.

It is also great to look into maternity leggings, whether you plan to get your body moving or not. Fabric that allows for optimal stretch and expansion is key. Leggings can be worn above or below your bump for maximum comfort and flexibility. And, not to mention, athleisure has never been hotter.

Skin Serenity Morning prep doesn’t have to be mundane. Stay on top of your typical skincare routine to enhance that mama glow you’ve developed. If your skin is prone to a little pregnancy dryness or acne, take extra measures and incorporate in glycolic acid, cocoa butter, and mineral-based sunscreens.

Add a little extra pampering with our Fourth Trimester Nesting Bundle. It includes our Nesting Robe, Indoor Outdoor Jogger, Skin to Skin Bra, and Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm. While these products are perfect pick-me-ups for postpartum gals, they can definitely be used during your other trimesters as well. Who doesn’t love a snuggly robe and some lightweight sweatpants?

Our Nipple + Lip Balm, in particular, is super important to taking care of your nipps. Superfruits and tropical butters stop the chafing that can occur during breastfeeding or from milk leaks (hello, Anti-Leakage Nursing Pad!) throughout the day. It is the soothing solution you deserve.

Working Mama You may not have the luxury of taking time off during your pregnancy, but you can use this to your advantage. Keeping up with normal life helps you stick to a schedule and keep your spirits high.

For workwear, check out our versatile FALKE Pure Matte Denier Tights. The best part? Their stretchy waistband means they can be worn again and again, with or without a bump.

You Do You Invest in whatever makes you happy. If that means ordering your favorite book and reading it all day or dancing to a great album, you have our full support. We’ve got the tips, the potions, the lotions, and the answers to those questions that keep you up at night. Like, “Can my baby be born with teeth?” Yes, girl, some babies are.

So, try to have a good time when ya can. Turn to cool baby name books and find a mama blog for bonding. You’ve just unlocked a new community of fierce supporters. Embrace them!

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