Third Trimester Must-Haves

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

HATCH's Third Trimester Essentials include the best clothing, mom-safe self care and must-have maternity wellness products for expecting a new arrival. Thoughtfully designed clean beauty favorites include HATCH's Mama Must-Haves Kit complete with every belly’s favorites in one place. For options we love the HATCH-to-Hospital Box filled with an assortment of organic bamboo home and hospital essentials designed to take the guesswork out of preparing for the big day. The Everyday Nursing Bra, wireless with a front strap adjuster and four back settings to accommodate every size and Everyday Brief feel like second-skin.

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Third Trimester Must-Haves

It is a feeling we all will experience: coming up to the last mile in a treacherous race, counting down the weeks until a big graduation, or finishing up those final touches on a project. However, there is probably no victory sweeter than delivering your baby! Pregnancy is a bit...

It is a feeling we all will experience: coming up to the last mile in a treacherous race, counting down the weeks until a big graduation, or finishing up those final touches on a project. However, there is probably no victory sweeter than delivering your baby! Pregnancy is a bit like a sprint itself, and in this analogy, your third trimester is that sigh of relief as you spot the finish line.

This time is meant to prepare and gather all of the things you may need for your baby. Diapers? Check. Bottles? Check. That crib you’ve been eyeing for months? Finally, check.

Before you dive into the excitement of delivery and the beauty of being a mother, let’s pace ourselves one last time and outline a few necessities to get you across that banner.

Find What Grows

Our best advice to newly pregnant ladies is to select maternity clothing and products that are made to last the entire journey. Not only does this cut down on waste and save you money, but it allows you to build memories in a consolidated wardrobe that you can treasure for a lifetime.

If something has enough stretch to fit you at eight months but shrunk down to shape your body at two months, chances are you can even keep it post-birth.

Check out the Hatch Before During After Maternity Leggings. During every phase of your body's wonderful changes, these soft leggings are there to support you. They come with an elastic band that conforms to the smallest point of the waist to accentuate your curves or you bump — you choose. Since it is high-waisted, they can be pulled up above a bump or below a C-section line.

Care for Your Body

The third trimester can bring additional aches and pains. Your baby has a completely formed skeletal system at 32 weeks, and its bones can push against your stomach with far more strength.

Your baby also has complete organs at 37 weeks, which adds to their weight. Since they will now be retaining their own iron and calcium, among other minerals, it is time to really prioritize those prenatal vitamins.

Supplements When it comes to prenatal vitamins, consistent duration is key. It is best if you are taking these supplements from the beginning of conception, but we understand that can be quite difficult for all women to attain. When in doubt, turn to the classics like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, iodine, and zinc.

Folic acid is a great way to protect your baby’s brain development. Neural tubes can be damaged in utero, so it’s important to use the whole arsenal at our disposal to help our babies grow big and strong.

Additionally, placenta health is critical, as it helps transport iron to your growing baby. If you’re anemic or at risk of anemia, make sure you stay on top of your iron supplements as prescribed. Schedule a chat with your doctor on how best to keep your blood healthy.

Dwelling on Swelling

One of the more unfortunate changes during pregnancy is that full-body swelling we all know and love. Typically the swelling is concentrated to your lower limbs, like ankles and feet. The cause is a very high blood volume during your last trimester. It also has to do with a rise in body fluids, which in turn spike sodium in your body and cause you to swell.

Some of the best solutions to unwanted swelling are compression garments. They aid in your circulation of blood and help to bring you down to size.

Grab the Swell Relief Duo, a sock and soothing cream pair that works well to give your legs and feet some relief. You get two socks, one in black and one ivory, which are made of our compression material as well. As always, there are no parabens, dyes, fragrances, or phthalates in our products. This duo is vegan and gluten-free.

Last-Minute Prep Our Hatch Nipple Lip is a great introduction to nipple care pre and post-birth. This product is made to hydrate your nipples during the nursing process but can work for those who aren’t nursing but may still be producing milk. It is a double whammy, perfect for prepping your nipples pre-nursing and for protecting them post-nursing.

Make sure also to get rid of any excess product left on your nipple before your baby latches on and you start nursing. It is a clean and green product, but it is best to be safe for your loved one. Washcloths work fine.

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