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First Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

HATCH's First Trimester Essentials include the best clothing, mom-safe self care and must-have wellness products for expecting a new arrival. Thoughtfully designed favorites like Hatch's Mama Must-Haves Kit includes every belly’s favorites in one place. Belly Oil and Belly Masks provide head to toe hydration and soothe skin while Fresh Mama, an all natural mineral-enriched deodorant offers everyday protection every step of the way. The Ultra Soft Before, During And After Legging is a 24/7 essential and moves with your baby bump and bounces back post pregnancy. Hatch's sold out Skin To Skin Bra is back in stock and it’s (almost) as good as being naked. Love options? The HATCH Layers Set fits snug around the body with plenty of room to grow and includes the Black Legging Layer, Black T-Shirt Dress Layer, White Longsleeve Layer, and White Tank Layer.

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First Trimester Must-Haves

Diapers and bottles and (teddy) bears, oh my! Of course, finding out you’re pregnant and entering your first trimester is full of newness and preparation for your sweet baby. But remember to think of yourself, too. As a new mama-to-be, there are lots you need!

Your first trimester is...

Diapers and bottles and (teddy) bears, oh my! Of course, finding out you’re pregnant and entering your first trimester is full of newness and preparation for your sweet baby. But remember to think of yourself, too. As a new mama-to-be, there are lots you need!

Your first trimester is going to be full of the most changes and adaptations. From the influx of new hormones to a brand new, growing baby bump, there is just a whole lot going on. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make this transition easier and more stylish.

Given that you’re literally about to create a brand new human, we think you are more than deserving of a brand new wardrobe. Well, at least a few new pieces.

Keep reading for our take of every mama’s first-trimester must-haves.

Is This Your First Rodeo?

Every new parent’s first trimester is going to look different than the next. Your body is host to all kinds of hormones and intricacies that react uniquely to pregnancy. However, there are several common early pregnancy symptoms that you might expect.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Bleeding - Around a quarter of people experience some light bleeding in the first few weeks. The appearance of blood can indicate the implanting of the embryo in your uterus.
  • Breast Tenderness - Soreness in the chest is triggered by hormones released to begin producing milk for your new baby. This is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.
  • Fatigue - The combination of all your hormonal changes and the energy it takes to create and support a new life takes a toll on your body. This is a perfect excuse for that midday nap you’ve dreamed of.
  • Morning sickness - You’ve seen it in all Hollywood’s mama-to-be movies, and sometimes movie magic is real. Over 80% of pregnant people experience this symptom. Sorry, mama… it is also another reaction to those brand new hormones.

The Must-Haves

Prepare for the sleepiness and sensitivities with the right clothes and products to turn your first rodeo into the Grand Prix of pregnancy. Take them or leave them, but we have to say, we’re pretty confident you’ll love them.

Here are our suggestions for the comfiest, cutest first trimester:

The All-Day Legging

Nothing else is quite as versatile as your basic black leggings. Whether you’re ready for a workout, looking to lounge, or running out to the market, these pants are perfect. They’re barely there, but they can go everywhere.

Grab a pair of maternity fit leggings that can be rolled up or rolled down to ensure the right fit from your first trimester into your last.

The (Almost) Nursing Bra

You’re obviously not nursing already when you’re just in your first trimester of pregnancy, but your body sure is gearing up to be. While your breasts grow tender and grow in size, a reliable Everyday Nursing Bra will support you from start to finish.

Let’s be real, mama, regular bras are rarely comfortable anyway, so what’s the hesitation. Grab a bra that is made for your body. And that’s one less thing to think about down the road when your baby’s in your arms, and they look hungry.

The Mama Denim

It’s still so early; you can still touch your toes. No need to ditch the denim for more flexible pants quite yet. Get into some cool maternity jeans. Maternity jeans are a critical wardrobe staple that still maintains your pre-maternity style with your new maternity body.

Whether you go for the Boyfriend Maternity Jean, or you’d prefer a cropped wide-leg fit, a pair of denim jeans go a long way for style and comfort.

Belly Oil

Your growing belly might mean some growth marks, too. Yes, mama, we’re talking about stretch marks. They’re nothing to sweat over; they’re a badge of honor to commemorate your new babe! If you want to minimize their appearance and generally soothe and moisturize the skin on your bump, try adding a well-formulated belly oil. Hatch makes a great naturally made belly oil that supports the belly skin with botanical nutrients and vitamins and skips the greasy feel.

Giddy Up, Mama

There’s no better way to gear up for your beautiful 9-month journey than equipping yourself with an arsenal of first-trimester must-haves that will help you take care of you. A happy, confident, and healthy mama makes for a happy baby-to-be.

A supportive wardrobe and beauty regimen can boost your self-worth and excitement around this special time. Looking good helps us feel good (even when we’re on our third packet of saltines in a week).

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