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Before you start buying gifts for the baby, take a second to a shop for a gift for the newest mama in your life. Whether you’re the husband-to-be or best friend, you can’t go wrong with any of the best maternity gifts available in this collection. Choose between our soothing belly oil, a beautiful new dress or a timeless piece that will carry her through each trimester and beyond.

Our Favorite Pregnancy Gifts

Our favorite thing about growing older (besides being able to buy cake without any occasion necessary) is our loved ones having little ones. What a treat to see the people you care about build out their families and get free access to a baby with whom you don’t have to...

Our favorite thing about growing older (besides being able to buy cake without any occasion necessary) is our loved ones having little ones. What a treat to see the people you care about build out their families and get free access to a baby with whom you don’t have to stay up all night! If you’re about to be an aunt, uncle, godparent, or even just an aunt-like figure, you might be thinking of ways to celebrate the new mom-to-be. Along with emotional and physical support, the right perfect gift can go a long way.

Maybe your friend or family member got all the baby shower gifts she asked for: the diaper bag and the changing pad. But what about a Pre-Mom gift that is about mom, not baby?

We think some of the best gifts are both exciting and useful. For a pregnant mom, this could range from maternity clothes to special pregnancy products. We’re sure if you threw in a gift card to their favorite ice cream shop, it wouldn’t hurt, either.

Check out our gift guide that makes every day Mother’s Day.

You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Pregnancy is a long and nuanced experience, so it’s always a good idea to reflect and prepare to be the right kind of support for your pregnant bestie! Some key things to remember include:

  • Try to create a super positive atmosphere around your friend: this means words of affirmation and celebration. This doesn’t include any comments or observations about their changing body or growing belly.

  • Give your friend the space to feel their emotions and express their concerns, fears, and hardships. Be a judge-free zone of validation and love! They could be feeling tremendously overwhelmed with change (not to mention the morning sickness).

  • Engage with your pregnant friend in ways that still center their personality and interests outside of the pregnancy. They’re growing a baby, not morphing into a totally different person. Watch that weird show they like and gossip about their frustrating coworkers.

  • Help them with errands and obligations that might become harder as their pregnancy progresses. (This is also a thoughtful gift for new parents in the postpartum period). Offer your assistance even when they don’t ask–they’ll appreciate it. They might even let you help pick out a baby name if you keep it up.

Make a list of things they’ll need during each trimester of their pregnancy — and better yet, bring it over in a gift box. It’ll sort of be like you read their mind (or at least their pregnancy journal).

Make a List, Check It Twice

There’s a reason Santa Claus is so good at gift-giving. The man does his research, and so should you. If you’re feeling a little lost, let us be the elves to your Santa.

Check out our (growing) list of some cravings-worthy gifts for the expecting mother:

Belly Lovin’

Hydration isn’t just for drinking water.

The most obvious physical change in pregnancy? The baby bump, of course. The wonderful, growing belly means stretched skin that can cause dryness and scarring. The happiest bellies are the moisturized ones (and the ones full of french friends, obviously).

Gift your almost-new-mama with all-natural Belly Oil to help nourish that bump with plant-based ingredients like almond oil and Calendula. It’ll help soothe any irritation and can even help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. A skincare gift basket is part pampering, part self-care for the expecting mom.

Be Swell, Not Swollen

One of the more uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy is swelling. Slippers may become the new go-to for your pregnant pal, so make it a Slippers Brunch next weekend and surprise them with their next best friend: Swell Relief.

We love the Down Girl, Swell Relief cooling leg, and foot cream for those extra busy days where your bestie wonders: Can they trade their feet in for new ones?

Wrap It Up With a Bow

This last pregnancy gift is honestly a great gift for anybody with a little extra stress on their plate. But especially for a mama-to-be, a little extra support through those new pregnancy headaches is priceless.

The Head Peace from Hatch wraps around the head and provides the needed compression to recover from that meeting that could have been an email. It’s actually so cute that you could probably wear it to that meeting.

Babies and Besties

Supporting the person you love through pregnancy is an incredible way to show them you care. From the first trimester down to the fourth, a pregnant person experiences such a wide range of changes and oftentimes struggles.

Taking some of the pressure off with late-night FaceTime calls and a really good swell cream is sure to leave your bestie feeling loved and appreciated. And once the new baby makes their grand debut, you’ll have a new bestie who might look a lot like that one!


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