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Affordable Pregnancy Gifts

Don’t let budget hold you back from buying the perfect gift for your favorite new mama. Shop the best pregnancy gifts for under $200.

Affordable Maternity Clothes | Under $100 | HATCH Collection

Affordable Maternity Clothes

Whether you’re buying a gift for a baby shower, or a gift for yourself, it’s always nice when you can get the best product and the best price. Having the best maternity style is obviously a part of the plan (since you’re going to be the best...

Affordable Maternity Clothes

Whether you’re buying a gift for a baby shower, or a gift for yourself, it’s always nice when you can get the best product and the best price. Having the best maternity style is obviously a part of the plan (since you’re going to be the best mom ever), but it might be nice to get them at an affordable price point. Fortunately, you’re in luck!

There are several fantastic styles in the HATCH Collection for less than $100.

Here are some highlights to inspire an awesome yet affordable maternity wardrobe:

Next-Level Maternity Leggings

What’s better than a pair of the best leggings ever? Two pairs of the best leggings ever. We have not one but two different pairs of maternity leggings that you can pick up for less than a cut and color with your local hairstylist.

The Ultra Soft Before, During and After Legging is, as the name suggests, super ultra-soft. They also have a light but supportive compression that will add a steady and secure feeling as you navigate your baby bump to and fro.

Also, as the name suggests, they’re designed to be worn during any and all trimesters, thanks to their unparalleled stretch capability. With the combined powers of Modal and Spandex, these leggings can roll as high as your dreams (probably).

Wear them up high, over the bump, or if you prefer, you can roll them down and wear them underneath the bump. Moms who deliver via c-section will especially love this option.

Luxury Bamboo Leggings for Under $100

The Ultimate Before, During and After Legging is a best seller in the HATCH collection. They’re made from a luxurious and sustainable bamboo blend that wicks away any moisture and won’t rub against your skin (super friendly for c-section deliveries).

Wear them anywhere and everywhere, choose from four cute colorways, and use your savings to indulge in some pregnancy cravings. Ice cream, anyone?

Our Maternity Section Selection: Pajamas

You already know how essential rest is during and after pregnancy (and how rare it feels like you get it). It’s worth it to invest in sleepwear that will help you soak up every last ounce of rest that you can. Fortunately, great pregnancy styles come at great prices.

You may be hard-pressed to find a better example than this delightful pointelle nightgown. Stretchy, cozy, and super soft: this lovely piece of sleepwear is nice enough to wear around the house and greet guests.

The button-front placket makes nursing a breeze, but honestly, it’s so stretchy that you don’t even have to unbutton it if you don’t want to.

If you’d rather wear a two-piece pajama set, The Organic Pointelle Set is the way to go. You’ll love them so much that you might get ready for bed earlier and earlier even if you plan on staying up late — you just love wearing this maternity selection so much.

100% organic cotton is dreamily soft. Plus, the little elastic built into the neckline means quick and easy feeds so you can go right back to your beauty rest.

Cashmere Beanie for the Low

Cashmere? Like a real cashmere beanie? Do we have to say more?

Every single time you put on this bliss-inducing hat, your entire life will be hit with a wave of warm and fuzzy softness. It’s perfect for the cold. It’s excellent for bad hair days. It’ll be your friend for the whole nine months and more.

Maternity Fashion Essentials: The Basics

You want the stuff you wear every day to be quality, and it's got to be comfortable, especially if it’s things like underwear and socks. They can and should be cute, but for the most part, they target functionality over fashion. We’re here to bridge that gap.

Here are some of the finest examples of pregnancy wardrobe essentials that are both elite and affordable:

Score a three-pack of OEKO-TEX certified cotton underwear for the postpartum boost that mamas love. They’re a second-skin-like brief with a double layer in the front for added support.

The Skin To Skin Bra is a barely-there nursing bra that leaves the wire behind and brings comfort, support, and easy access for breastfeeding that you and your new baby will love.

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time resting, recovering, and being all cute and snuggly with the baby, it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself to some cashmere socks. Pair these socks with your favorite tank top, cardigan, and joggers for a look that is total comfort.

Our Faves That Save

So you want the best maternity wear ever, but you know that you’ve got a hefty diaper bill (and everything else bills) about to kick into gear… That’s why we made this list for you. From your first trimester to your fourth, we’re here with the clothes that count.

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